21st July 2010

KTM have just launched the alloy wheels which were first seen on the factory car at Brands Hatch in September 2009 and also on display in our pit garage at the London Race Car Live Show again at Brands in November last year.

This is what they look like

These fabulous new wheels have been developed and tested by KTM's R & D Department in Salzburg and have full TUV certification. More importantly, they offer a total weight saving of 12.5 kg over the standard items.

To launch the product to you, we have put together a special introductory offer which ALL X-Bow owners can take advantage of, even though the wheels are only available for cars fitted with central single nut location wheels.

So here it is…


Set of 4 wheels for cars with central locating wheels

Normal retail price £ 2,887.50
VAT @ 17.5% £ 505.31
Total £ 3,392.81

ABG Motorsport price £ 2,800.00
VAT @ 17.5% £ 490.00
Total £ 3,290.00 saving of £102.81


Set of 4 wheels for cars with 5 stud location

Set of 4 wheels £ 2,887.50
Official KTM conversion kit £ 792.00 normal price is £816.75
Sub total £ 3,679.50
VAT @ 17.5% £ 643.91
Total £ 4,323.41

But what will you do with your old 5 stud wheels?

We will give you a part exchange allowance of £50 per wheel

So the final cost to you will only be

£ 4,323.41 less £200.00 = £4,123.41

This offer is valid until the end of August so please place your order now to ensure early delivery and the only pre-requisite is a £1,000 deposit with your order.

Please place your order via e-mail on

or call us on 01928 564030

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