BRITISH GT - Round 5 - Silverstone

15th August 2010

After missing Round 3 at Rockingham, Team ABG pitched up on Friday 13th at Silverstone with 2 X-Bows. In addition to the regular Green Meanie for Benjamin and Rory, the Mowles decided to join the fray for this 2 hour endurance race. Due to the fact that their X-Bow is not a GT4 car, they were entered in the Invitation class. With a healthy 8 cars in the G4 category, we looked forward to a tough and competitive weekend especially as Ginetta was rolling out their factory supported car.

First untimed practice was run in damp conditions so the boys used the session to familiarise themselves with the old GP circuit again. Even so, Rory was still quickest in the G4 class and Colin headed the Invitation class

Free Practice 2 again went smoothly for both cars but the quickest session times were both set by the "gentleman" drivers to maintain P1 in G4 and Invitation. Dad Mowle was really pleased for Sam but was nonetheless silently miffed and Ben was justifiably pleased with a time only a second off Rory.

Qualifying went smoothly with Rory and Sam going out first to try and get a good grid slot as the dark clouds were threatening. This proved fortuitous as it started drizzling almost as soon as Colin and Ben took over the reins. Nonetheless we ended the session with P1 in both G4 and Invitation classes.


Colin achieved his aim of out-dragging Rory at the rolling start and stayed in front for 3 laps but once Rory got his nose ahead he started to steadily pull away. Colin in turn was also pulling steadily away from the pursuing Century and United Ginettas. On the hour, Rory came in for the driver change and refueling stop having built up a strong 30 second cushion to Colin and the pursuing G4 pack. Ben was away after the usual slick work from the ABG crew. Colin was in within the next 5 minutes and Sam set off to try and chase down Benjamin and the Century Ginetta which had slipped into second during the pit stops.

Then the drama started. Both car 44 and 57 ( X-Bow and the Ginetta running P1 & P2) were reported for alleged rule infringements during refueling and the respective team managers were hauled up before the headmaster aka Clerk of the Course. Clearly the infringement by 57 was more clearcut and it was hit with a stop go penalty. The alleged wrongdoing by 44 could not be proven and Peter instructed Ben to stay out. Ben’s lap times were however beginning to increase so the lead was beginning to shrink uncomfortably. Team Manager’s presence was again requested for car 44 and a fuming Peter trundled up to Race Control. Meanwhile, Sam had taken up position behind Benjamin gaining the place when 57 took it’s penalty. Sam’s pace was such that he would have passed the Ginetta by race end anyway.

After all the confusion the result set itself as Benjamin retired the Green Meanie on lap 44 and the Ginetta was disqualified for an infringement during their stop go.
At the end, Sam took a well deserved victory in the Invitation class and was first car home behind the GT3s

So a bitter sweet weekend for Team ABG with a victory and a retirement. A bonus came in the fact that because Ben had completed more than three quarter distance he was still classified as a finisher and gained valuable points, double for this event and with the Championship leading Speedworks Ginetta retiring early, this brings the points gap down to only 5 for the championship.

Next round is at Snetterton at the end of August.

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