KTM X-Bow Experience at Silverstone

2nd June 2010

Silverstone Experience, the foremost provider of driving experience days have just added a KTM X-Bow to their fleet and created the X-Bow Experience.

As an authorised X-Bow dealer, you can also book places on to the programme through us.

There are 3 programmes available


As the name suggests, you can enjoy the thrill of this 2 seater F3 car as a passenger for some hot laps on the new Stowe circuit

Cost for this is just £39.00


This is more comprehensive where you go out with an instructor in one of the Centre's Meganes to learn the circuit followed by a de-brief. You then drive the X-Bow yourself and the session is rounded off with a hot lap with the instructor.

This programme gives you approximately 2 hours driving time.

Cost for this is only £249.00


For the already competent driver who wishes to hone and enhance their driving skills, this is the one for you. It involves one to one tuition with a race instructor. There is no set time table and customers can book as much time as they wish.

Cost for this package starts at £299.00

So if you would like to take advantage of any of these programmes call us to book on

01928 564030

contact by e-mail on info@abgmotorsport.net

This is a great opportunity to experience for yourself, accelerating to 60 mph in a mere 3.9 secs and a hint of what the F1 drivers feel with a car that genertaes 200 kg of downforce.

Contact us today to book this exceptional experience for yourself or a friend or loved one.

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